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Weld-on Rock Ring Installation

Step one
Use proper safety equipment (face shield, gloves, etc.).

Step two
Using a grinder slightly bevel both the inner and outer edges of all rings to reduce the sharpness of the edges. A flap type sanding disk (~120 grit) works well.

Step three
Using a grinder remove the paint, chrome, etc. from the face of the wheel. The whole area where the rock ring contacts the wheel should be bare metal.

Step four
Center the rock ring within the lip of the rim. The ring should be sitting down inside the outer edge of the wheel.

Step five
Tack weld the edge of the ring to the inner lip of the wheel, skipping around the wheel a few inches at a time.

Step six
Fully weld the ring to the wheel making sure the weld is of high quality (all welding should be performed by a certified welder

Step seven
Clean the wheel of all grinding dust and degrease.

Step eight
Mask off all wheel surfaces to remain unpainted.

Step nine
Apply a primer to the rock ring and welded area, see primer can for manufacturer’s directions.

Step ten
Apply desired paint to wheel using the same directions as for the above steps.

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Intended for off-road use only.

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